We have created two stunning state-of-the-art cattery facilities that will not only make cats feel relaxed and at ease, it will also allow them to explore and enjoy the benefits of the inside and outside world. Many years have been spent designing, creating, planning and trialling different cat accommodation options, and we are extremely proud of our final product at Rothwell Run. We have witnessed first-hand, how well cats adjust to and enjoy this style of accommodation in our first facility, Cottage Kennels and Cattery, located in Plenty.

Throughout the years we have grown with the pet industry, observing, listening and acknowledging what client’s feel are the most important factors when looking for accommodation for their much-loved cats.

Upon arrival at Rothwell Run, clients will be able to easily see our stunning cat facilities and it is evident that we have ensured our feline guests have been spoilt with space, comfort and luxuries of home. Each suite is fully enclosed and has a glass door that allows a view to the external area of the building, some of which encompass the You Yang mountains and others have a vista of the natural Australian country-side, or poolside rooms.

Each suite has a beautiful large window that looks out over our central garden area. To give your cat the opportunity to lie in the sun or to venture out and enjoy the country air, every suite has a ‘cat-run’ and ‘hut’ which allows them access into the centre garden area at all times. Some of our larger family suites have ‘cat-runs’ that extend out to the external side of the building, allowing them to watch the world go by.

Our two cattery facilities are fully tiled, double brick, have industrial insulation, music playing throughout the day. Each suite has heating throughout and heated benches to keep the bedding and igloos nice and cosy in winter. Throughout summer, our air-conditioning keeps the suites at a very comfortable temperature. Tree ledges are included in each suite, providing a place to perch or something to scratch and our tunnels are fun for cats to run through and play in.

We have a gorgeous team of cat lovers who will go above and beyond to ensure you cat is having a great time with us. Our staff are continually in and out of the suites all day long and will do everything they can to ensure all of the cats feel very loved in our care. We take a great deal of pride in ensuring we are extremely diligent and thorough with all the cats in our care, ensuring they are happy and healthy at all times.


$37.00 per cat per day*

*Two or more cats from one family who share a room receive a 10% discount on boarding costs




‘Sagwa’, the Chinese Siamese cat was an educational Chinese-Canadian-American animated television series based on a 1994 novel by Amy Tan. In the series, Sagwa has fun in her day-to-day life while learning and teaching valuable life lessons. The show is notable for its setting and messages about family obligations and loyalty. One aspect that sets this show apart is its display of various aspects of Chinese culture, which helps promote awareness and understanding of other ethnicities.


(Domestic Shorthair)

In war torn Afghanistan, 2011, American Sgt. Jesse Knott snuck Koshka, a stray abused cat, into his base to care for and treat him. Koshka returned the favour by saving Knott from crippling despair after two of his friends were killed by a suicide bomber on a convoy. Through Koshka’s actions, he pulled Knott out of one of his darkest times, Knott was then determined to pull Koshka out of one of his darkest places and safely transport him back to America with him, which he managed with the help of others. Since then, Koshka and Jesse have received several awards, one stating “Sometimes we save an animal, sometimes, an animal saves us”.

Helpful Information for Cat Owners:

  • We find our feline guests prefer their own company therefore all cats have their own private suite. Two cats from the same family can certainly stay together, which is easily catered for in our facilities due to the spacious accommodation options. Similarly, families of three or more cats can also stay together in a suite.
  • Upon arrival, please ensure your cat is in a secure cat carrier. If you do not have one, please ask our office staff to assist you from the car. We have Australian made airline quality carriers available for purchase if you are interested.
  • We provide everything your cat will need for their stay, however you are more than welcome to bring along your cat’s favourite bedding or toys from home.
  • If your cat has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater, you are more than welcome to bring their own food along. If you have frozen food that you would like us to defrost for your cat, it is much appreciated if you portion the food into daily amounts that we can defrost each day.