We have designed the most luxurious, homely and welcoming environment for all of the dogs in our care. We have spent years planning, developing, testing and trialling different accommodation options and styles. With years of experience, we have recognised the key factors that make a dogs’ stay as stimulating and enjoyable as possible.

Our four kennel facilities, have the same, premium style accommodation for all of our canine guests. Each suite boasts a spacious sixteen square meter, fully enclosed area, with heating throughout and heated raised benches to keep our soft and comfortable bedding warm in the cooler months. Each room is fully tiled, has air-conditioning and ceiling fans to keep the dogs nice and cool during the warmer months.

To replicate a home-like feel, we also have flat-screen televisions in most rooms with music playing throughout the building during the day.

Every room has a sliding glass double door which allows a gorgeous view out to the play-yards and surrounding gardens. A doggy-door allows all-day inside and outside access to a large spacious play-yard, measuring fourteen meters long and anywhere between five and nine meters wide. Whilst outside, dogs are able to laze about in the sun on their hammock bed or say hello to their neighbours in the adjoining exercise yards, which allows for great stimulation and socialisation.

Some of the suites have been designed for the more social dogs, who are able to see some friends in the suite next door. We have also catered for those who prefer a more private, bedroom-style suite that are completely private.

The buildings themselves have cathedral-like hallway ceilings, double brick walls that create a rustic feel and galvanised features giving an industrial flare.

We have a beautiful team of dog lovers who will ensure your dog/s feels right at home, by giving them as much love and attention as possible. Our staff are in and out of the suites all day long and will keep a very close eye on your loved one to ensure they are having a great stay and are happy and healthy at all times!

The option of single or shared accommodation is available for most dogs. For safety reasons, there are some stronger breeds that we prefer to keep on their own, please see the list below to get an idea of what some of these breeds are. If your dog’s breed is not listed below and you would prefer shared accommodation, please ask one of our reception staff to find out if we are able to pair your dog. If your dog is not listed as a ‘single accommodation’ breed, but this is your preferred boarding style, we can certainly accept this request.

If we are able to pair your dog with a friend, our main priority is your dog’s safety and well-being, secondly, we want to ensure they have a great time! In order to do this, we pair dogs according to their age, size, temperament, personality and breed. If we do not have a suitable friend available, we will wait until a compatible dog arrives before we pair your dog.

Regardless of your dogs’ breeds, if you have two or more dog’s that you would like to stay together, this can certainly be accommodated.


Shared Accommodation $68.00 per dog per day*

Single Accommodation $88.00 per dog per day

Day Stay $35 per dog per day

*Two or more dogs from the same family who share a room receive a 10% discount on boarding costs.

All dogs boarding for 3 nights or more receive a complimentary hydrobath and blow-dry on departure. For stays shorter than 3 nights please ask our office for a price. Dogs with long coats may incur an extra bathing fee of $15.00 - $35.00

Minimum charges apply during peak periods

Single Accommodation breeds: Bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Boxers, Bull Terriers, Chow Chows, Dobermans, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Heelers, Huskies, Malamutes, Mastiffs, Maremmas, Rottweilers, Ridgebacks, Shepherds (excluding Australian), Saint Bernards, Staffies, Staghounds, Wolfhounds etc. Any dogs that are crossed with one of these breeds will also require single accommodation.



(Labrador x Newfoundland)

Sarbi was an Australian Special Forces explosives detection dog who spent almost fourteen months missing in action in Afghanistan after she disappeared during an ambush on 2nd September 2008. She was rediscovered in November 2009 by an American soldier who knew the Australian forces were missing a service dog and used voice commands to determine that she was indeed a military dog. She was then reunited with Australian forces.


(German Shepherd)

Trakr was a police dog who discovered the last survivor of the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York. Trakr found signs of life under rubble leading firefighters to rescue a worker who had been trapped for 26 hours. On September 14th Trakr collapsed from chemical and smoke inhalation, burns, and exhaustion. After he was released from hospital he was deemed one of history’s most heroic animals and was later cloned to produce five puppies.


(Labrador x Shepherd)

Velvet was a companion dog who helped save the lives of three mountain climbers in 2007. She was hiking with a party of eight climbers on Mount Hood, Oregon when Velvet and three climbers fell from a ledge during a storm. They were forced to spend the night in freezing conditions while waiting to be rescued. Velvet spent the night going from person to person to ensure they kept warm and they were all rescued the next morning.


(Siberian Husky)

In 1925, Balto, the sled dog helped saved countless lives during an outbreak of diphtheria in Nome, Alaska. The 1925 ‘Great Race of Mercy’ involved a relay of dog sleds who transported the medicine 1085km across Alaska in -31°C temperatures with the assistance of 20 mushers and about 150 sled dogs. Balto was the lead sled dog on the final stretch into the town and was named a hero for saving the town of Nome from being wiped out from disease.

Helpful Information for Dog Owners:

  • We provide bedding for your dog, however if you have some preferred bedding from home that you would like to bring along, you are more than welcome to. Please be mindful, if your dog is paired up with another dog, it may be damaged, therefore we recommend not sending along your dog’s favourite items from home.
  • We have plenty of toys for the dogs to play with therefore there is no need to bring your own toys along. If however, your dog is in single accommodation, you are welcome to bring toys with them. If in shared accommodation with a dog from another family, for safety, we prefer clients to not send toys along, to ensure the other dog does not chew and possibly ingest a toy that is not ‘chew-proof’.
  • If your dog has a coat or jacket, you are welcome to send it along in cooler months for your dog to wear during the night, however as the suites and bedding are heated, the rooms are warm.
  • Upon arrival, please ensure your dog is safely restrained on a lead or is in a pet carrier. During your dog’s stay we will utilise our own identification collar and use our own leads, therefore we request that you please take your collar and lead home and remember to bring them along when collecting your dog/s.
  • If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater, you are more than welcome to bring their own food along from home. Please keep in mind, some dogs lose weight due to increased activity levels if they are fed the same amount of food with us as they are at home. Therefore it is very helpful if owners send extra food along. If you have frozen food that you would like us to defrost for your dog, it is much appreciated if you portion the food into daily amounts that we can defrost each day.
    • Please Note: Any pet with strict dietary restrictions (i.e. chicken allergies, grain free, low fat, etc.) who does not have their own food provided will now be charged a Special Diet fee of $5.00 per day to supplement our costs in purchasing these specific options.