As we have a large variety of options to feed your pet, there is no need to send food along. We always try to feed your pet something similar to what you feed your them at home, to avoid any tummy upsets.

If however, your pet has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater, you are welcome to bring their own food along. We kindly request that dog owners send extra food along as we find with increased activity levels, dogs tend to lose weight if they are fed the same amount of food as what they are fed at home. We have a large freezer, therefore if you need some food to be frozen then defrosted, we can easily accommodate. Packaging frozen food into daily portions is very helpful for us and if you also have time to write your pets name of the packaging, it is greatly appreciated!

The only other time we encourage clients to send food along is if their puppy or kitten is less than six months of age. We find one less change to their routine helps us avoid an upset tummy.